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Hi, and welcome to French Numbers!

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Your online resource to learn the most important French numbers (from 1-100), including proper French spelling and pronunciation.

Take a look around the site, bookmark us, and be sure to refer to us to learn the French Numbers.

Whether you are revising for an exam, trying to learn the French language or just want to expand your knowledge, we are the French Numbers site for you.

About The Editor

Hi, I’m Jeremie, the founder of FrenchNumbers.org.uk.

I’m a native French Speaker, born and raised in Montpellier.

I travelled to England in 1985 to study English Language at Warwick University. I graduated with a first class honors before proceeding to study with a PHD in the same subject.

I decided to create French Numbers as an online resource to find, and learn, the most important French numbers.

My goal is to help more people speak French fluently.