The System Teaching French Numbers In Half The Usual Time

Here’s The Perfect Solution If You Want To Learn Your French Numbers (Even If You Feel There Is No Hope)

  • Dive into my refined, step-by-step methodology to master French numbers effortlessly, tailored for learners at any stage. Say farewell to confusion, prolonged learning periods, and beginner’s struggles.
  • Transform your learning experience and grasp intricate French number concepts you didn’t think were possible to understand quickly.
  • Feel empowered with a foundational skill that can significantly boost your overall French comprehension and even your proficiency in other areas of the language!
  • Never feel bewildered or exasperated with French numbers again. My straightforward and structured instructions will gift you total assurance and mastery, making learning an enjoyable journey.
  • Save countless hours of tedious and ineffective study sessions, meaning more time to delve into the beautiful facets of French culture and more efficient learning, enabling you to focus on what truly matters.
  • Allocate the time and effort saved efficiently, allowing you to immerse in more exciting aspects of the French language and culture, and to invest in experiences that enrich your appreciation for the language.
  • Save substantial funds on expensive online courses and resources, allowing you to learn French numbers in a cost-effective manner, meaning you can allocate your budget to exploring other enriching learning materials or experiences.
  • Harness the power of effective learning and retention strategies included in this guide, which means this isn’t just a quick fix but a long-term solution, allowing you to remember French numbers with ease and build a durable foundation for future learning endeavors in the French language.

Learning French Numbers is complex and time consuming. But it’s an essential part of learning the French language.

I know how difficult they can be to grasp, especially when it comes to putting them to use and reciting them off the top of your head.

It doesn’t need to be this way.

This comprehensive eBook, guide and workbook will walk you through every French Number you will ever need to know.

But more importantly, it will teach you the most effective process to learning them, giving you practice exercises and questions to put your knowledge to the test along the way.

What You’ll Learn And Why Getting This Guide Is A No-Brainer

  • The importance of learning French Numbers, and the role they will play in your life… which means you will be able to navigate daily situations in French more comfortably, enhancing your communication skills and making your interactions more meaningful and enriching.
  • The basic French numbers: (cardinal Numbers: 0-10, 11-20), ordinal numbers (1-10)… which means you will master the foundations, building confidence to understand and be understood in basic interactions, paving the way for more advanced learning.
  • The intermediate French numbers: (cardinal numbers: 21-69, 70-99), ordinal numbers (11-100), counting in tens and hundreds… which means you will expand your knowledge, enabling smoother, more nuanced conversations and helping you to understand and engage with French culture on a deeper level.
  • Advanced French numbers (cardinal numbers: 21-69, 70-99, 100-999, 1,000 and beyond), ordinal numbers (11-100), counting in tens and hundreds… which means you’ll achieve a high level of proficiency, empowering you to communicate effectively in a wider range of contexts and enhancing your overall language ability.
  • How to use French numbers in context… which means integrating numbers seamlessly in various situations, fostering a more natural and authentic conversation style in scenarios like:
    • Fractions and Decimals
    • Telling Time
    • Dates and Calendars
    • Currency and Prices
    • Measurements and Weights
  • How to use French numbers in everyday conversations… which means you’ll enrich your daily interactions in areas such as:
    • Age and Birthdays
    • Telephone Numbers and Addresses
    • Quantities and Shopping
    • Sports and Competitions
    • Practice Exercises.
    • These applications ensure that you will feel more connected and engaged in French-speaking environments, enhancing your experiences and relationships.
  • Other important French number knowledge: Idioms and Expressions, French Number Puzzles, and Games… which means you will understand the subtleties and nuances of the language, adding a layer of depth to your conversations and allowing you to enjoy and appreciate French culture in a fun and interactive way.

Plus each section comes with key vocabulary and pronunciation tips
and practice exercises!

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Jeremie Laurent French Numbers Author

About The Author

Hello, I’m Jeremie, a native French Speaker, born and raised in Montpellier.

I travelled to England in 1985 to study English Language at Warwick University. I graduated with a first class honors before proceeding to study with a PHD in the same subject.

I noticed the challenges faced by new learners of French, specifically when it came to numbers!

I decided to write this book to help teach people, a more effective and faster means of learning them.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will this book help me if I have started learning French Numbers?

Abolutely! This comprehensive guide was written with the intention of helping anyone learning French Numbers; complete beginners or those who need some help, support and a better method of learning.

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The only requirement is an internet connection to download the book. But once that’s done and it’s all downloaded, you can access an offline copy whenever and wherever you are.

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