French Ordinal Numbers

Here are the French Ordinal Numbers.

We’ve given you the spelling along with a rough pronunciation if you want to know how it sounds, or how to say it correctly:

Ordinal Number French Spelling Pronunciation
First premier/première prem-yey/ prem-yer
Second deuxième doo-ze-yem
Third troisième twah-ze-yem
Fourth quatrième kat-re-em
Fifth cinquième sank-e-em
Sixth sixième see-ze-em
Seventh septième set-ee-em
Eight huitième wheet-ee-em
Ninth neuvième nurf-ee-em
Tenth dixième dee-ze-em


Other Ordinal Number Expressions

Ordinal Number French Spelling Pronunciation
About 10 dizaine dee-zen
About a dozen douzaine do-zen
About 15 quinzaine Can-zen
About 20 vingtaine Van-ten
A number of nombre de Nom-bre-du


What Is An Ordinal Number?

An Ordinal number is one that defines the position of something in a series.

Or in other words, an ordinal number indicates the order of a collection of things within a list.

Importance Of Ordinal Numbers In French

Once you know your French numbers it is helpful to know how to place them in the right order when writing or speaking about positions or ranks.

Examples of Ordinal Numbers In French

  1. I came second in the race = Je suis arrivé deuxième de la course
  2. There are about twenty pupils in my class = Il y a une vingtaine d’élèves dans ma classe